Telephone Service

Siren Telephone is pleased to be able to serve you! We have a 24-hour call center and friendly staff who are here to answer any questions you may have. We also have a convenient office on Main Street in Siren next to the Post Office.

Our local service telephone rate is the lowest in the state of Wisconsin! Land lines offer superior sound quality and don’t emit the harmful radiation to the human brain that cellphones do. This is especially important for children. Protect your health at home while your cellphone recharges!

KEY BENEFITS: Top 10 Reasons Not to Cut the Cord

10. Keeps You Connected

9. No Such Thing as Dropped Calls

8. Clarity, Clarity, Clarity

7. Easy Address Search for Friends & Family

6. You’re in “The Book”

5. Free Incoming Calls

4. You Know Your Home Security System Will Work

3. Babysitters Have a Phone to Use

2. Your Phone Works When the Power Goes Out

1. 911 Finds You in an Emergency