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KEY BENEFITS: Top 10 Reasons Not to Cut the Cord

10.  Keeps You Connected

9.  No Such Thing as Dropped Calls

8.  Clarity, Clarity, Clarity

7.  Easy Address Search for Family & Friends

6.  You’re in “The Book”

5.  Free Incoming Calls

4.  You Know Your Home Security System Will Work

3.  Babysitters Have a Phone To Use

2.  Your Phone Works When Power Goes Out

1.  911 Finds You in an Emergency

Eligible Telecommunications Carrier

Siren Telephone is designated as an Eligible Telecommunications carrier by meeting the guideline of the Federal Communications Commission and the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.  We’ve been offering quality reliable telephone service since 1912 and realize that basic service is a fundamental aspect of everyday life.

Basic telephone service from Siren Telephone includes:

Single party service including unlimited local calling minutes; touch-tone service; voice grade access to the public switched network; access to emergency services (including 911 and enhanced 911); access to operator services, inter-exchange carriers, and directory assistance.

Siren Telephone is pleased to offer basic service to all customers in our serving territory. Our rate for residential & business basic services is $35.07 monthly .

Low-income individuals may be eligible for Lifeline and Link-up telephone assistance programs, which provide discounts from these basic rates. Also available to Lifeline customer is toll blocking which lets customers block outgoing long distance call free of charge.

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