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What is fiber TV?

Fiber TV is television delivered through fiber-optic cables. Protected by several layers of encryption, bundles of fiber-optic cables deliver data via laser light. We have built an “Active” fiber system, that means a dedicated fiber strand has been built to every location.  It creates incredible broadband capacity. This means it’s easy to deliver more channels, a clearer picture, and higher-fidelity sound for now and in the future. To get the highest quality and most reliable TV service to your home, give us a call today.

  • Many High Definition ChannelsSirentel Technicians
  • Fiber has the Bandwith for the Super High Definition of the Future
  • Most Reliable Source of Programming with Two Headends
  • No Snow / Rain Fade Outs
  • Local Repair Service
  • MN / WI Sports Coverage
  • Packers / Vikings NFL Game Coverage