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  • More Secure than Wireless Connection
  • Available Speeds for Fiber 30 to 50 Meg
  • Call Office for Available Copper Speeds
  • Local Friendly Support
  • Bundled Package Available
  • Stay in Touch with Family and Friends
  • Free Call-in Technical Support
  • Anywhere Access to E-mail Account
Internet Safety for Children & Teens

Ways to keep you safe online:

  1. Don’t give out any personal information about yourself to anyone.
  2. Do not respond to mean, offensive, or unknown e-mail addresses, or instant messages.
  3. Have your parents help you choose a screen name.
  4. Do not share your password with anyone except your parents/guardians.
  5. Do not forget that people online may not be who they say they are.

Helpful Websites to Check Out: | (Cyber Tip Line 1.800.843.5678)